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To Let: Book Three of The Forsyte Saga
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To Let: Book Three of The Forsyte Saga

Author : John Galsworthy
Narrator : David Case
Publisher : Blackstone Audio Inc
Duration : 9 hours 30 minutes
Type : Classic Literature
Download Price : $19.95
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"A social satire of epic proportions and one that does not suffer by comparison with Thackeray's
Vanity Fair...the whole comedy of manners, convincing both in its fidelity to life and as a work of art."
--New York Times

This third novel concludes John Galsworthy's Forsyte Saga, the monumental chronicle of the moneyed Forsyte
family, whose values are at war with its passions.

In To Let, Irene's son Jon and Soames's daughter Fleur, now both nineteen years old, fall in love. But
when Jon learns of the past feud between their families, he decides that he cannot marry Fleur. To drive her
from his mind, he travels to America with his mother Irene. Fleur now throws herself at her long-standing
admirer, Michael Mont, a fashionable baronet's son, and the two are married.

Soames Forsyte learns that his second wife, Annette, has been unfaithful to him, and is left desolately
contemplating the sale of Robin Hill. When Timothy Forsyte, the last of the old generation, dies at the
age of 100, the Forsyte family begins to disintegrate.

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