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David Barry
Narrator : David Barry
Publisher : David Barry
Runtime : 5 hours 14 minutes
Type : Biographical
Arts & Drama
TV & Film
Price : $9.99

David Barry's autobiography spans almost five decades of theatre, film and television experience.

As a 14 year old he toured Europe with Sir Laurence Olivier and Vivien Leigh in one of the most prestigious post-war theatre tours.

Vivien Leigh took a shine to him and he saw both sides of her close up. One minute she was sweetness and light, and the next she became a screaming harridan as she publicly berated Sir Laurence.

In his early twenties, he starred as Frankie Abbott in the hit television series Please, Sir! and Fenn Street Gang, and those days are recounted with great humour.

Hilarious events unfold as he describes working for dodgy producers and touring with argumentative actors.

His is a story that covers everything from the pitfalls of working in live television to performing with hard drinking actors.

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