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Thomas Jefferson and His Time, Vol. 5: Second Term, 1805-1809
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Thomas Jefferson and His Time, Vol. 5: Second Term, 1805-1809

Dumas Malone
Narrator : Anna Fields
Publisher : Blackstone Audio Inc
Runtime : 24 hours
Type : Autobiography
Price : $43.95

"Malone illuminates with erudition and narrative skill. It would appear . . . that Malone has read and evaluated everything of consequence ever written by or about Jefferson."--The New Republic

The fifth volume of the Jefferson series completes the story of his presidency--carrying him
through his troubled second term, but also to the end of an official career that spanned some
forty years. Here is a vibrant account of Jeffersons disparate activities--sponsoring the Lewis
and Clark Expedition, concluding the naval war with the Barbary pirates, engaging in a political
duel with Chief Justice Marshall over the trial of Aaron Burr, attempting to impose an embargo
on exports in reaction to the impressment of American seamen by foreign powers, and, finally,
retiring to his beloved haven at Monticello.

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