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Walking From East to West
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Walking From East to West

Ravi Zacharias
Narrator : Ravi Zacharias
Publisher : Zondervan
Runtime : 3 hours
Type : Christianity
Price : $19.99 $9.99
" Outside were stray animals and people, each about some pursuit. Sometimes it was a begger at the door, sometimes a leprous hand reaching for a handout with a plea for compassion. Life with all its hurts and pains squinted at you, squatted before you, and stared you down daily. This was the street where I grew up "

With simplicity, candor, and hunility, renowned Christian thinker Ravi Zacharias shares the intimate account of his journey beyond a turbulent childhood and the Eastern culture of his homeland... and of this search for truth that sustained him. It is a quest on foot - a walk - with plenty of time to stop, to wonder, to talk, to linger and to reflect. Dr Zacharias invites you to follow him through his life - to see and smell the neighbourhood in India where he grew up... to feel a mother's love and the consternation of a harsh father... and the rebellious lure of a rebellious soul.

Ravi Zacharias ,, president of Ravi Zacharias international Ministeries , is a renowned Christian apologist and author. He hosts the weekly radio program ' Let my People Think ' broadcast over 1,500 stations worldwide, as well as his weekday program, Just Thinking . Dr. Zacharias and his wife Margie, have three grown up children and reside in Atalanta.

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Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass - An American Slave

Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass - An American Slave

Frederick Douglass
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Pre 1900
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Tony Benn
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McCarthy's Bar

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