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Letter From America 3 - The Final Years: 1982-2003
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Letter From America 3 - The Final Years: 1982-2003

Written By : Alistair Cooke
Narrated By : Alistair Cooke
BBC Audiobooks Ltd
Runtime : 4 hours
Categories : Non Fiction
Radio Shows
Download Price : $17.75
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'Such experience, wisdom and education are unlikely ever again to combine in one journalist'

Mark Lawson

Alistair Cooke was radio's great observer, the doyen of foreign correspondents and the world's most famous letter writer From 1946 until 2004. he explained the Americans to the British through his weekly Letter From America, the longest-running one-man series In broadcasting history. It was always a virtuoso performance - informed, informal, shrewd, funny and erudite.

In this volume, Cooke reports on a varied selection of events, including the 1992 presidential election, the art of Charles Schulz and introducing Bernstein to Handel's Messiah. He remembers the infamous standoff over Cuba, which nearly caused a third world war, and recalls the more recent shocking events surrounding September 11th 2001 and the subsequent 'war on terror'. Every event evokes a particular time and place, but Cooke's unique style of expression and analysis provides each with a resonance that echoes through the years.

This release also contains a bonus programme. Remembering Alistair Cooke, in which BBC Radio 4 presenter James Naughtie and a selection of Cooke's friends, family and colleagues pay tribute to the great broadcaster

History most listenable
Steve Maddern from Cardiff, Wales, UK - 12 Apr 2006
Any historian (amateur or serious) MUST have this collection. Anyone who loves the spoken word and who loves wordsmiths will also kill to get a copy. This is one reason how and why the BBC is so respected around the world.

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Eamonn Holmes - This is my Life

Eamonn Holmes - This is my Life

Written By : Eamonn Holmes
Narrated By : Eamonn Holmes
Orion Publishing Group
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California Characters: An Array of Amazing People

California Characters: An Array of Amazing People

Written By : Charles Hillinger
Narrated By : Dennis McKee
Blackstone Audio Inc
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Storyteller's Daughter

Storyteller's Daughter

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