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Plimoth Adventure - Voyage of the Mayflower
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Plimoth Adventure - Voyage of the Mayflower

Author : Jerry Robbins
Narrated By : Full Cast Production
Published By : Colonial Radio Theatre On The Air
51 minutes
Pre 1900
Our Price : $5.95

The pilgrims embark on a perilous voyage to the New World in search of religious freedom.

"Jerry Robbins and the Colonial Radio Players bring to life the persecution and betrayals of the Puritans, while still in Europe, that compelled their flight to the New World. While this tape is historically correct, it remains both exciting and fun. This audio presentation has a full cast and music score, with lots of sound effects, engaging your attention and imagination. The Plimoth Adventure, Voyage of the Mayflower makes history more personal for the listener" - Dean Carlisle, All Star Review

Sleeve Notes:

From the actual pages of the journal of William Bradford, we bring you our production detailing the Pilgrims' epic struggle for religious freedom in the New World. The play dramatizes this monumental undertaking by the Pilgrim Fathers, and we attempt to illustrate the trials and tribulations that lead up to their sailing from Southampton, England in the year 1620. Our Music Director, Jeffrey Gage, has composed his most uplifting and magnificent radio score to date and was able to once again incorporate some actual themes from the period. The Colonial Radio Players hope to please you, everyone, as they step to the microphones and present The Plimoth Adventure -Voyage Of Mayflower

The Colonial Radio Players:

The Pilgrims Plus
Bob from Colorado - 26 May 2004
The reviewers at the All Star Review got it right when they gave this production a 5 star rating. This program brims with Thanksgiving flavor. I always listen to it during that time of year, I just love the mood it creates. It is a perfect way to learn a little about the pilgrims, and have a good time while doing so. The music is once again perfect (their music director Jeff Gage is certainly one of the best in the industry). After hearing this show you can not help but appreciate all that our forefathers went through to get here and create the country we all now love.

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