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Battletech - Blood Legacy
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Battletech - Blood Legacy

Written By : Michael Stackpole
Narrated By : Christopher Graybill
Published By : Defiance Audio
Runtime : 3 hours
Categories : Sci-Fi
Download Price : $9.95 $6.50

Jaime Wolf has brought all the key leaders of the Inner Sphere together at his base on Outreach in an attempt to put the rest old blood feuds and power struggles. But old hatreds are hard to put aside, especially when the very man who asks for the trust is a former Clansman himself. And even if the Houses should agree to stand together, another threat lurks within their very midst - ComStar, which is determined to rule all of the Inner Sphere by any means at its disposal...

Christopher Graybill has performed on numerous audiobooks ranging from classic westerns to science fiction, as well as hundreds of commercials and corporate audio narrations. He has also written two short plays, "Eye to Eye" and "Go Look."

No kidding around
Boris Belovarski from NM, USA - 22 Mar 2004
Great story, serious action, cutting-edge production quality! If you are looking for something serious that doesn't beat around the bush, you may consider all BATTLETECH series. As a radio drama producer I can say: "Profoundly powerfull!"

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