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Borgus: Not From Space
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Borgus: Not From Space

Written By : Borgus
Narrated By : Full Cast Production
Published By : Borgus Productions
Runtime : 1 hour 48 minutes
Categories : Audio Theater
Download Price : Free

As heard on XM Satellite Radio, Mark Time Award winner, and Communicator Award of Excellence.

"...a brilliant piece of satire..." --SFFAudio.com

"...will push your imagination to it's fullest potential." --Indie-music.com

"Indistinguishable from real talk radio." --Jerry Stearns, KFAI-FM

"Hyper-real performances and soundscapes." --Mark Time Awards

"...parody of contemporary radio is right on." --John Weber, LodesTone Media

Listen live as Bill Gates begins to make strategic moves to take over the world.  Presented as a realistic radio broadcast complete with news, talk shows, and funny commercials, Not From Space is a satirical look at corporate greed in America.  Something goes horribly wrong as spaceships show up in Earth's orbit and the news anchors try to keep the listeners calm.  What happens when they take over your radio?

From award-winning director Jeff Bays, Not From Space is the first nationally broadcast radio play to bring together it's voice actors exclusively over the Internet.

Featuring a worldwide cast:


The postmodern Wells
Henrik Hargitai from Budapest, Hungary - 29 Mar 2007
Not from Space is the last in a long row of dramatization of HG Wells War of the Worlds. In 1898 it was a roman, including elements how daily press reflected invasion of Martians. In 1938 Howar Koch dramatized, Orson Welles directed the firts radio version: it was not a regular dramatization, since they took the listener out from the confortable status of KNOWING that they get a fiction. Presenting fiction as non-fiction was not a new invention but for radio it was the most powerful. Then came South American and USA based remakes of the dramatization, updating human technology but not changing the martians. What Borgus did was to emphasize even more the media line of the story, but still retaining some elements of the original 1898 story. It is now a pure parody, not of the aliens - we dont believe now in Martians - but of the commercial media industry. Very powerful, very amusing, and really deep. So the whole function of the original story changed, but not totally. The original is partly a critique of the colonizing european society, Borgus version is a critique of the commercial media industry. Four star, because some actors could be better.

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