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Imagination-X: Bogman
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Imagination-X: Bogman

Written By : Not Known
Narrated By : Full Cast Production
Published By : Bud C. Productions
Runtime : 11 minutes
Categories : Horror & Suspense
Horror & Suspense
Short Stories
Download Price : $1.00

It is the past...
Depression ravages the land. The people live like ghosts, the fear of what might come tomorrow driving them to alcohol and violence and despair. Constant noise filters into their lives from the latest invention: Radio. On a farm in the far west,

Two children...
Attempt to survive hard times the way children have always survived - by telling stories, by scaring each other, by creating horrors of the imagination to keep back the horrors of reality. Then, their pretend world, and reality, cross.

Stars three members of the radio-making Adams family of International Falls, Minnesota. First webcast in 2004, Bogman is part of the award winning audio theater series


Bogman is available on the Imagination-X compilation disk entitled, ‘The CONvergence’ now available at CD Baby.com.

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