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Mystic Quest
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Mystic Quest

Written By : Tracy and Laura Hickman
Narrated By : Lloyd James
Published By : Blackstone Audio Inc
Runtime : 17 hours
Categories : Fantasy
Download Price : $44.95 $33.95
"An enthralling fantasy novel with plenty of action and fully-developed characters. Mystic
is fantasy at its very best."Midwest Book Review

Now, after Mystic Warrior, comes Mystic Quest, Book Two of the Bronze Canticles, a trilogy
of magic and heroism, mystery and splendor.

Twenty-three years have passed since Galen Arvad first exposed the deep magic. Now, that magic brings
tragedy and darkness to the lives of all who wield it in the world. Galen and his clans suffer an endless war
in the realm of the dragonkings, the fairies contend with a gruesome kingdom of the undead, and in the
realm of the reanimated, rusting titans, a tyrant goblin's lust for conquest goes unchecked.

A new generation of heroes will set out on separate, life-altering journeys. Whether in search of freedom or
atonement, each will find their redemption may be beyond the power of magicfor their darkest secrets and
greatest dangers are those they bring with them.

Tracy and Laura Hickman live in St. George, Utah, and have been publishing game designs and stories together for more than twenty-five years.

Lloyd James hails from the Midwest. He received a B.A. in theater from a small liberal-arts college in New Mexico. He acts in the theater when his schedule permits and spends much of his free time working in his garden. He lives in Virginia with his wife and son.

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