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Rally Cry
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Rally Cry

Written By : William R. Forstchen
Narrated By : Patrick Lawlor
Published By : Blackstone Audio Inc
Runtime : 15 hours 30 minutes
Categories : Sci-Fi
Download Price : $39.95 $29.95
"Some of the best adventure writing in years!"Science Fiction Chronicle

When Union Colonel Andrew Keane led his blue-coated soldiers aboard the transport ship, he could
not have foreseen that their next port of call would be neither in the North nor the South, but on an
alternate world where no human was free. Storm-swept through a space-time warp, Keane's regiment
was shipwrecked in an alien land, a land where all that stood between them and destruction was the
power of rifles over swords, spears, and crossbows.

Into this serfdom ruled by nobles and the Church, Keane and his men brought the radical ideas of
freedom, equality, and democracyand a technology centuries ahead of the world they must now call
home. Yet all their knowledge and training might not save them from the true rulers therecreatures
to whom all humans were mere cattle, bred for sacrifice!

Patrick Lawlor, an AudioFile Earphones Award winner and Audie Award finalist, is also an accomplished stage actor, director, and combat choreographer who has worked in America and Europe. He has been an actor and stuntman in both TV and film. He lives in Milwaukee.

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