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Mona Charen
Narrated By : Sandra Burr
Brilliance Audio Inc
Duration : 8 hours 31 minutes
Price : $24.95
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Mona Charen has a loyal following from her syndicated newspaper column (which runs in more than two hundred newspapers) and her many television and radio appearances. Her first book, Useful Idiots, was a six-week New York Times bestseller. Now she's back, switching her focus from foreign policy to domestic issues.

Unlike some conservatives who throw verbal hand-grenades, Charen never gets shrill or mean. Instead, she focuses on the facts to reveal exactly why liberals are wrong - and how their proposals hurt the very people they claim to be fighting for, as well as the country as a whole.

Do-Gooders is a guide to the smug know-it-alls in politics, the news media, and Hollywood who think they know what's best for the poor and other needy Americans. From Marion Wright Edelman to Howard Dean, Hillary Clinton to Rob Reiner, this book will skewer the liberals by name. It covers topics like:

· Education: Do-gooders send their own kids to private schools while working to deny poor children a better education through voucher programs.

· Affirmative Action: Do-gooders defend racial preferences at all costs, while ignoring the enormous problems they create for African Americans at all levels of achievement.

· Welfare: Do-gooders thought welfare reform in the 1990s would hurt the poor, and they still refuse to admit how much it actually helped.

By collecting and exposing the most outrageous quotes and actions of the do-gooders, this book will become a must-read for conservatives across the country as they gear up for the next round of policy battles.

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Mornings on Horseback

Mornings on Horseback

David McCullough
Narrated By : Edward Herrmann
Simon & Schuster
Duration : 9 hours
Royalty and Heads of State
Price : $35.00 $20.95
From the #1 New York Times Bestselling Author of John Adams. Winner of the 1982 National Book Award for Biography, Mornings on Horseback is the brilliant biography of the young Theodore... More...
Arkansas Mischief: The Birth of a National Scandal

Arkansas Mischief: The Birth of a National Scandal

Jim McDougal and Curtis Wilkie
Narrated By : Lloyd James
Blackstone Audio Inc
Duration : 13 hours
Price : $39.95 $26.95
As Bill Clinton's political and business mentor, McDougal, with his knowledge of embarrassing real estate and banking deals, bribes, and obstructions of justice, haunted the Clinton White House. Ji... More...


Joseph Stromberg
Narrated By : Peter Hackes
Blackstone Audio Inc
Duration : 3 hours
Price : $12.95
In 1540, Mexico was declared to be New Spain. With a diverse culture and great natural resources, it should have prospered like its northern neighbor. But Mexico's history includes political corrup... More...
Mormon in the White House, A ?: 10 Things Every American Should Know about Mitt Romney

Mormon in the White House, A ?: 10 Things Every American Should Know about Mitt Romney

Hugh Hewitt
Narrated By : Lloyd James
Blackstone Audio Inc
Duration : 10 hours
Price : $19.95
Mitt Romney is a successful businessman and a fiscal and social conservative who won the governorship in one of the staunchest Republic states in America. He is also a devout Mormon. So what does that mean for the election of 2008? Hewitt sets out to explain Romney, his faith, and the importance... More...



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