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Country Matters
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Country Matters

Michael Korda
Narrator : Michael Page
Publisher : Brilliance Audio Inc
Runtime : 10 hours 2 minutes
Type : Biographical
Price : $24.95
In this delightful memoir, at once hilarious, canny, and moving, Michael Korda does for Dutchess County, New York, what Frances Mayes did for Tuscany. This witty memoir reads like a novel, as it chronicles Korda's transformation from city slicker to full time resident of Dutchess County.

Korda tells the true tale of what country life is really like - from fried bologna sandwiches to the ups and downs of owning pigs, from the challenges of properly keeping horses, to the sad but true fact that all the locals are fully aware that he "don't know shit about septics." Sure to have listeners in stitches, this is an audiobook that will appeal to everyone who's ever dreamed of owning the perfect little escape up in the country.
"Country Matters" matters
Steve Moss from Jonesboro, Georgia, US - 29 Jul 2006
Get some dirt on your hands and feel the growth pains and strain, but laugh all the while. A delightful incite in moving out to and fitting into the "COUNTRY"..... BRAVO.... great way to put down roots...

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