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Stand for Something
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Stand for Something

John Kasich
Narrator : John Kasich
Publisher : Hachette Audio
Runtime : 3 hours
Type : American
21st Century
Price : $24.98 $17.49
If questioning certainties is an art, John Kasich has mastered it in his stand for something with eloquence, passion, and sincerity. " — Elie Wiesel , #1 New York Times bestselling author of Night

" To get something done, persuade John Kasich it's a good idea. When he takes on something he believes in, people believe in him. Believe in him. " — Bono

" This book is like a treasure of hope. " — Yogi Berra

" The book, like the man, is passionate, principled, and sure to provoke. " — George Stephanopoulos

John Kasich calls it like he sees it. A former longtime U. S. congressman, respected author and popular television host, Kasich has been around the neighborhood a few times. In his first book, Courage Is Contagious , he celebrated the under-the-radar accomphshments of ordinary people doing extraordinary things to change America. Now, in Stand for Something , he tackles—head-on—the erosion of long-standing, hard-earned values upon which our nation is built.

Drawing on his childhood growing up in blue-collar McKees Rocks, PA, his college years, his Washington career, and his most recent turn in the private sector, Kasich reminds us of the fundamental principles that are our American legacy. In blunt, straight-shooting tones, he reveals new ways to hold our government officials accountable for their actions, and how to pressure sports figures to start living up to their role model status. And, saving the "best" for last, he takes on American popular culture, including the media, and asks us to use our wallets, the free press, and our own good judgment to protest all that is offensive in the current American way of life.

John Kasich's audiobook is a rallying cry for all Americans that will make us think and—most important— make us get out of our easy chairs and Stand for Something .

John Kasich served nine terms in Congress representing Ohio and is the author of Courage Is Contagious , a NewYork Times bestseller. He currently hosts the weekly Heartland with John Kasich on the Fox News network and is a fill-in host for Bill O'Reilly on The O'Reilly Factor.

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