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Never Again
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Never Again

John Ashcroft
Narrator : John Ashcroft
Publisher : Hachette Audio
Runtime : 6 hours
Type : Autobiography
Price : $29.98 $20.99

The most controversial attorney general in U.S. history tells untold story behind the war on terror in post-9/11 America.

John Ashcroft's service as U.S. attorney general began with turmoil: a loss to a deceased challenger in his U.S. Senate reelection campaign and a tumultuous confirmation battle. Then, on September 11, 2001, his job was transformed into the greatest leadership challenge an attorney general has ever faced. Highly classified intelligence briefings, secret surveillance of terror cells, and terror war councils with President Bush gave Ashcroft a uniquely comprehensive - and uniquely chilling - view of the threats to American security.

In NEVER AGAIN, Ashcroft breaks his silence about historic events that transpired during his term of office - including the largest terrorist attack in U.S. history, the enactment and defense of the Patriot Act, the Robert Hanssen spy scandal, the execution of Timothy McVeigh, and the recently discovered domestic surveillance program authorized by President Bush. In this provocative audiobook, listeners will meet the man behind the title, hear his take on the dangers to and within America from outside forces, and discover what he did to repair the serious breaches in our country's security. NEVER AGAIN is a fascinating and probing look at what Ashcroft believes will ultimately make America safe.

John Ashcroft served as attorney general of the United States from February 2001 to January 2005. Prior to his appointment, he served in the United States Senate and as the governor of Missouri.

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