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Caress of Twilight, A
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Caress of Twilight, A

Written By : Laurell K. Hamilton
Narrated By : Laural Merlington
Published By : Brilliance Audio Inc
Runtime : 11 hours 46 minutes
Categories : Thrillers
Download Price : $24.95
I am Princess Meredith, heir to a throne - if I can stay alive long enough to claim it. My cousin, Prince Cel, is determined to see that I don't. As long as we both live, we are in a race for the crown: Whichever one of us reproduces first gets the throne. So now the men of my royal guard - frightening warriors skilled with blade, spell, and gun - have become my lovers, auditioning with pleasure for the role of future king and father of my child. And they must still protect me from assasination attempts - for unlike most fey, I am part human, and very mortal. All this royal backstabbing makes it difficult for me to pursue my living as a private investigator in Los Angeles, especially since the media made sure the whole world knows the Faerie princess is alive and well in sunny California.

Now, in the City of Angels, people are dying in mysterious, frightening ways. What the human police don't realize is that the killer is hunting fey as well. Havoc lies on the horizon; the very existence of the place known as Faerie is at grave risk. So now, while I enjoy the greatest pleasures of my life with my guardians, I must fend off an ancient evil that could destroy the very fabric of reality. And that's just my day job...

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