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Empire of the East
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Empire of the East

Written By : Fred Saberhagen
Narrated By : Raymond Todd
Published By : Blackstone Audio Inc
Runtime : 18 hours 30 minutes
Categories : Sci-Fi & Fantasy
Download Price : $49.95 $33.95
"The most seamless splicing of SF and fantasy I've found since Bradley's
Darkover came into being."Isaac Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine

"Ranks favorably with Tolkien. Exceptional in sheer unbridled zest and imaginative
sweep."Library Journal

"I couldn't really put the book down and regretted every page turned because it made one
page less to discover.Empire of the East is the work of a master."
Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction

"Empire of the East is one of the best science fiction fantasy epics to come along
in years.Fred Saberhagen can be justly proud of this addition to his canon."
Science Fiction Review

In the distant future, society has crumbled. Dark forces now rule the land, keeping all humans
under their oppressive thumbs.

In the darkness of the shadows and whispered on the winds, there is talk of rebellion. In
the swamps, a small band has formed, determined to regain their freedom with the help of one
incredible weapona weapon of technology. It is the mystical Elephant, and whoever
masters it holds the key to freedomor defeat.

One young man, determined to avenge the death of his family, sets out to join the rebellion
and find Elephant. What he discovers will change everything.

Fred Thomas Saberhagen, a native of Chicago, Illinois, served with the U.S. Air Force then worked as an electronics technician and as an astronomy writer for the Encyclopedia Britannica. He began writing science fiction for Galaxy in 1961. His first novel, The Golden People, was published in 1964. He is most renowned for the Berserker® series of stories and novels. He lives with his wife, Joan Spicci, in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Raymond Todd is an actor-director in the theater, a poet, a jazz trombonist, and a documentary filmmaker who lives in New York.

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