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Out of Time
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Out of Time

Written By : Ruth Boswell
Narrated By : Staten Eliot
Published By : Fantom Films
Runtime : 5 hours 50 minutes
Categories : Fantasy
Download Price : $28.00 $22.99
After an accident on his way home from school, seventeen year old Joe Harding is locked out of his house. A stranger, who appears to own Joe’s house, warns him to escape. Huge bells on rooftops ring out and Joe is chased out of town by a band of citizens determined to kill him. He escapes, and after surviving alone in an England that is wild and uncultivated, joins a small band of young people in hiding. There he falls passionately in love with Kathryn. He is in a parallel world in which he wants to remain; but fate has other things in store for him...

‘Out of Time’ is passionate, violent, and it serves as a paradigm for our world and its present troubles.


Ruth Boswell is an author, journalist, TV and film producer. She wrote “Emmy”, a historical children’s novel and she created the first SF series on ITV, ‘”Timeslip” starring Denis Quilley. Producing credits include “The Tomorrow People” for Thames TV, two series of “Maybury”, a drama series for the BBC about psychiatry, starring Patrick Stewart and a feature film ‘Run of the Country’ starring Albert Finney.


Staten Eliot is an ambitious young actor who's film credits include the lead in the first English speaking film by award-winning Swedish director David Flamholc. ‘Flip a Coin,’ dubbed as ‘a slick East End version of Notting Hill’ with Staten’s performance earning him the title of ‘The new Jude Law’. Of his theatrical debut The Stage wrote that he ‘Mastered the text superbly’ and described his performance as one that will ‘...keep the audience on the edge of their seats.’ In the ‘The Second Maiden’s Tragedy’ Time Out described his performance as 'Formidable' and at the same time choose the play for 'Critics choice'. Staten also appears in chapters two and three of Fantom Films' 'Explode' as ex-CIA agent Campbell Lee.

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