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Wingman - The Ghost War
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Wingman - The Ghost War

Written By : Mack Maloney
Narrated By : Terence Aselford
Published By : Defiance Audio
Runtime : 3 hours
Categories : Sci-Fi
Action & Adventure
War & Military
Download Price : $5.99

The diabolical forces of the Asian Mercenary Cult have been defeated and, for the first time in years, America - once reduced to a war-blackened wasteland of rubble - is free of foreign tyranny. But the threat is not over. Valiantly coming to the aid of the vulnerable peoples of Southeast Asia about to be crushed under an oppression worse than long-gone communism, Hawk Hunter and his allies amass the First American Expeditionary Air Fleet and fly halfway around the world to fight a battle for freedom!

Terence Aselford has narrated over 150 audiobooks. His acting career has included regional theater roles ranging from Shakespeare to Neil Simon, on-camera work in NBC's Unsolved Mysteries, national television commercials, industrial videos and voice-overs.

Director: Richard Rohan
Produced in the studios at The Cutting Corporation
Abridgment: Geoff Schackert
Executive Producers: Alisa Weberman, Alfred Martino, Anji Cornette
Cover Art: Broeck Steadman
Cover Design: Dan Sorge, The Cutting Corporation

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