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Battletech - Heir to the Dragon
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Battletech - Heir to the Dragon

Written By : Robert N Charrette
Narrated By : Christopher Graybill
Published By : Defiance Audio
Runtime : 3 hours
Categories : Sci-Fi
Download Price : $9.95 $6.50

Theodore Kurita is heir apparent to the Draconis Combine, one of the most powerful realms of the Inner Sphere. But the Draconis Combino has never been a place of smooth transitions. Kurita's perilous journey to power is a twenty-year odyssey of lethal encounters and narrow escapes. And at the end awaits the most dangerous foe of all, the man whom theodore must one day appose - his own father.

Christopher Graybill has performed on numerous audiobooks ranging from classic westerns to science fiction, as well as hundreds of commercials and corporate audio narrations. He has also written two short plays, "Eye to Eye" and "Go Look."

No kidding around!
Boris Belovarski from NM, USA - 22 Mar 2004
Great story, serious action, cutting-edge production quality! If you are looking for something serious that doesn't beat around the bush, you may consider all BATTLETECH series. As a radio drama producer I can say: "Profoundly powerfull!"
not exactly unabridged
Shawn from Salem Or - 17 Feb 2005
It is a thrill to enjoy this book in another format.The actual performance is masterful, however the edit was rather shrewd. Huge parts of this book have been left out!. Good, fun, relevant stuff. I enjoyed this book at it's original relece in 89 and have re-read it every other year since, so I freely admit I'm a hard-core fan. My question is this: how hard could it be to perform the work WORD FOR WORD and then edit to your hearts delight for time or whatever and offer the work in an unabirdged version as well?

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